Moving Tips

Plan Your Move

Start to get very clear on what needs to be completed before your move. List each task in order of what needs to be done first and tick off each item on your list. Keep an inventory of all your furniture and possessions so you can decide where and how to deal with the larger furniture items. Decide on whether you will do the move yourself or Hire a removal company to do the move.

Preparing Your Furniture

Cleaning furniture of cobwebs prior to your move to prevent you from doing it on the other side. Disassemble pieces of furniture where possible, and store small components such as screws, nuts and washers in a container that is easy to access later on when arriving at your destination. Try and tape up drawers and furniture doors so they don’t move during transit.

Heavy Furniture Items Moving Tips

Measure your larger Furniture pieces to ensure they can fit through doorways without any problem. If your furniture pieces weigh more than 50kg please consider removing some of the contents that will make it heavier ahead of time for an easier move. Looking after your back and avoiding unnecessary strain.

Packing Your Possessions

Pre-pack whatever items you have ahead of time. Putting away smaller items will help remove and clear up space for larger furniture items. Where possible, reuse old cardboard boxes to save time and money and your existing moving supplies. Only purchase moving supplies if it is n must.

Keeping Your Essentials Accessible

On the move day putting together a priority box containing all of your essential items will benefit you once you reach your new destination. Having a priority box containing your most important items on hand and easily identifiable, you won’t have to spend time going through all your moving boxes to find all your essentials such as toiletries, towels, phone and charger. Etc.

Ask For Help If You Need It

Ask for help from family and friends to assist with packing and cleaning and even lift things into your moving truck on moving day. Moving house all by yourself can be quite difficult and sometimes even impossible so don’t hesitate to call some friends if needed. Save time and money and ultimately your back by hiring a professional moving company to take care of your move on M&C Removals will gladly assist.

Why Choose M&C Removals

M&C Removals have been the trusted furniture removal company in South Africa for almost 10 years. We offer competitively priced moving services that we can tailor to your budget and specific needs. Get in touch with our team for an obligation-free furniture removal quote for your next move.